samdowsSamuel Dow otherwise known as Sammy Dow's is a rock venue located in the South Side of Glasgow.  To get there from the centre of town it's a 5min train ride from Glasgow Central Station to Pollockshaws West station, and then from there just a short walk Northwards up Damley Rd, turn right, over the bridge and you're there!

The venue consists of two rooms, a main bar and a back room where the gigs are held.  The main room is fairly small in size with seating and tables hugging the walls in an L shape with the bar in front of you as you enter, where you'll be served by really friendly staff!  I reckon, Sammy Dow's has the friendliest bar staff in town!  They genuinely seem happy in their job and enthusiastic about the venue.

It soon became evident that friendliness seems to be a core feature of this pub, finding it very easy to chat with the regular patrons. So, if you fancy a bit of natter with a stranger, Sammy Dows is the place!

The back room is where the live music is held which seems to start around 9pm, given the noise heard from next door - there's no announcement, however I was pleasantly surprised to simply walk in without paying a penny! Live Rock here is FREE!

There is something missing though, ambiance...there isn't any! What I mean is, if this is a rock pub, where's the rock decor and the background rock music? Sammy's has quite a way to go to catch up with the best rock venues in town in this regard.  None the less, the live rock is free and that counts for a lot, so definitely worth a visit!

Listen to Rock


Live bands in the back room, whch appear to start at 9pm without warning!  A big positive is that entry is FREE! On the negative, there are too many tables about in front of the band making people linger in the doorways instead of soaking up the riffs at the front!


None,  much needed though! Even an automatic playlist would be a big improvement.

Eat to Rock

No food served.

Drink to Rock

A fantastic range of drinks served for such a small venue! There is a good range of Scottish real ale and whiskeys, ask friendly staff to sample beer before you buy! No real ale in back room. Average prices for Glasgow, expect to pay about £3.20 for a quality real ale.

Play to Rock

Fruit machines

Quiz nights

Watch to Rock

Televisions throughout main bar, showing...Sky News! Come on Sammy's are you a Rock pub or not?!

Dress Code

No caps or football colours.


No website.


69 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow, G41 2AJ

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